MSA Master Service Agreement

Unlimited Remote and Phone Support for your business

Supercharge Your Computer Support

In the spirit of our constant strive for improvement within our company and service of our clients, ITI Smart Solutions now offer Master Service Agreement (MSA) Support agreements!

Our MSA’s are designed to provide you with unlimited remote & phone support for your business all year long, no matter the season – for one fixed monthly rate.

Enhance your company’s efficiency and control costs – all in one step

Why ITI Smart Solution’s Master Service Agreement (MSA)?

Having unrelated vendors managing various components can lead to inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can be caused by competitive rivalry, lack of communication, finger pointing when there is a problem and wasting your time by putting you in the middle of it all, trying to make sense of it.

With ITI Smart Solutions:

Faster Response To Your Computer Support Needs – No more trying to figure out which of your vendor(s) should be involved to solve the issue - it's covered under ONE SINGLE Service Level Agreement SLA
Better Communication – No more playing telephone between vendors, each one giving you a slightly different story that favors them.
No More Finger-Pointing – One phone call to us and it is now our problem to solve.
Better Efficiency For Your Team – One phone call and they can get back to work, we’ll take it from there and update them as we go.

What’s Included in a (MSA)?

What do you get your Master Service Agreement (MSA) computer support system?

Flat Rate per Month: Based on the number of computers and servers, our SLA’s are cost-effective with a monthly fixed price to help you maintain your budget for IT support throughout the year.
Unlimited Remote Support: Minimize cost-issues, increase productivity and gain access to the latest technology with unlimited remote support during business hours.
Active Server Monitoring: Highly engaged monitoring and surveillance of servers to proactively identify and fix problems before they have a change to affect your business.
Webroot Anti-Virus: Get military grade and bank-level security protection on your sensitive, personal data across multiple computers and servers invulnerable to theft, malware or corruption.

Other Perks of Master Service Agreements (MSA) for your computer support

Discount Rate for onsite labor - compared to our normal onsite support costs
Discount Rate for service center labor - compared to our normal onsite support costs
Vendor Management - Let us work thorugh issues with all of your software and hardware partners
Asset Management - System Lifecycle managment
Improved Computer Support and Response Time
Free Annual Walkthrough - We offer this free to new customers and every year for existing customers

Your business needs a trusted and reliable company that can offer unlimited remote and phone support. ITI Smart Solutions offers unmatched IT solutions and support to businesses. In one company you can get Master Service Agreement that include flat rate per month, Active Server Monitoring, Webroot Anti-Virus and Unlimited Remote Support. We can also include Monitored Online Backup, Business VoIP Phone Systems, Flexible Web & Email hosting as well as Micosoft Office 365 Apps. ALL TAKEN CARE OF WITH ONE PHONE CALL!


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